Saturday, 26 January 2013

In stock now at Swinnertons

The petrol heads amongst you may have heard about the Nürburgring in Germany – a 21km “test track” open to the general public. Drivers who have lapped “the ‘ring” often adorn their cars with a logo showing the outline of the track – a signal to “those in the know”.

Following their lead, the guys at Swinnertons Cycle Centre have had 2 high quality stickers produced for “Follow The Dog” and “The Monkey Trail”. They are each 100 x 60 mm on a clear self adhesive background. The photos below still have the white backing paper on them.

Each sticker is £2.50 and a proportion of that goes to Chase Trails, so support your trails and show “those in the know” where you ride.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bertie’s Bridge – Trail building

The wet weather has limited what we can accomplish recently – a month or so back, we re-laid a section of trail on the soon to be signed “Aunt Flow” section (more on the section names in a future post). The new surfacing just ended up as sandy coloured porridge and the bypass around the section turned into axle deep slurry. The solution was soon formulated to solve this problem by taking the trail over the boggy ground – Bertie’s Bridge.
So armed with a trailer load of tools, the section of boardwalk we constructed at the Forestry Discovery day last year and even more timber just for good measure we headed into the forest.

Posts were sunk into the soft ground and the deck bolted in place. Another section was needed to complete the span so a small step down was introduced for added spice. A few suitably placed rocks provided a ramp onto the deck and armoured the landing area off the feature – job done and a productive morning’s work.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

'Evil Slab' section - now open

After a few weeks of settling time, the closed section of trail on 'Follow the Dog' (near Marquis Drive) has been opened - the worst of the holes have been filled so there should be fewer puddles on this section.

This now means the "Dog" is now fully open.


Forthcoming events on and around the Chase

Details from the Forestry Commission  on forthcoming events:

Sunday 24th February - Run & Ride Winter Classic MTB race
Starting @ Tackeroo Campsite
After the success of last year’s events the Run & Ride Cannock Chase Classics are back for 2013 with two races. First of the events to look forward to is the Cannock Chase Winter Classic held at Tackeroo on the 24th February.

Sunday 3rd March – Walton Chasers Orienteering event
Starting @ Haywood Park Farm
Regional level orienteering event using Abrahams Valley

Saturday 16th March – Scout Association Cross Chase Walk
Staring @ Beaudesert
30th anniversary of the Scout Association’s Cross Chase Walk, a long distance walking event staring and finishing at Beaudesert and covering most of Cannock Chase.

Sunday 17th March – Midlands XC Cross Country MTB race
Starting @ Tackeroo Campsite
The opening round of the midlands mountain bike series returns to Cannock.

Unless stated these events are not run by the Forestry Commission and are the responsibility of the event holder.