Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shiny new bridge - not long now ...

After some admirably close work between the harvesting contractors and the FC's Tree and Recreational Teams, we're please to say that there was zero damage done to “High Voltage” and “Zig Zak”. The two crossing points used by the harvesting equipment were protected by firstly a layer of old conveyor belting, then a load of brash on top. It worked perfectly! Opportunity was taken to fill a few potholes, and tidy the trail, before we reopened the area late on Sunday afternoon.

This leads us nicely on to the shiny new bridge over the railway line. We were expecting some skimpy little number like they have over roads elsewhere - like down the Forest of Dean. But No! This is one serious bridge, and no small earthworks to go with it. The nice sandy colour you can see adjoining the tarmac on the ramps up to each side of the bridge, is a strip of VERY precisely graded fine gravel, or rather very small pebbles. It looks like yellow ball bearings actually - this stuff will be great when it gets wet or icy! Lets hope the tarmac bit is for bikes.

The bridge is for all traffic - please make sure you use the section allotted for wheeled traffic, and observe any traffic flow signage. We can't say for sure when the bridge will be opened, or by who, but the inference seems to be about two weeks to opening. This does not address safety issues crossing the A460. Please be careful here, and above all BE PATIENT.

The road is busy at the best of times. If you want an elapsed time for doing Dog & Monkey, have the sense to deduct time spent waiting to cross the road - it's not a crime! Don't kill yourself trying to get a good time for crossing the road - we don't give medals for idiots that rush, or posthumous medals!

There is an intention to create a new return route from the new bridge, to get punters back to the Dog / Monkey decision point. However, there is much to do in other areas, so any new route here is probably a year or two away as yet. So for now, enjoy the lovely leg burner that is Kitbag Hill!


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