Sunday, 21 April 2013

Monkey Trail diversion reduced in length - Trail building

Armed with a leaf blower, lawn rakes and various other trail building tools, we set off for ‘Deerskull’ over on the Monkey Trail. While the Bruces and Steve planted the new section name sign, I started raking off the accumulation of pine needles from the first half of the trail in the tall trees.

With the wonders of modern technology in the form of a petrol powered leaf blower, Bruce quickly cleared the thick layer of larch needles from the second half of the trail. Following behind, t’other Bruce, Steve and I raked off the remaining mulch and tidied the edges of the trail. Frank, with Bertie’s help (or was that hindrance), filled several holes and brashed off any potential short cuts.

It’s surprising how long it takes to walk a trail that only takes a minute or so to ride but by the end of our session the trail was good to go so we’ve opened “Rainbow Valley”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Deerskull”. 

The contractor repaired sections have been completed but now need time to settle before the remainder of the diversion can be lifted – this is weather dependent so watch this space …..

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