Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mid-week Maintenance - Trail building

With a trail centre as busy as Cannock Chase is, it's inevitable that things need to be fixed, repaired, patched, and so on, and our Sunday sessions aren't nearly enough to do all the repairs and building we'd like to, so with that in mind we're planning to run mid-week build days.

We're aiming to do these at least twice a month, on the first and last Thursday of the month, if we have people spare - keep an eye out on our website, blog and Facebook page for more info, we'll be publishing the events there.

The first of these were held today, and both myself (William), Martin, and two new volunteers turned up to help - Chris and Graham. Thanks a lot for coming to help out, it's very much appreciated and the more hands the better!

We headed out to the first section of the Dog (after you ride under Go Ape's course), to patch a few holes. As you're no doubt aware, they almost always turn into puddles after the rain, and as time goes by they become deeper and larger, so - after deploying some signs to warn riders we were working, we chose the biggest holes along the first half or so of the section, and got to work. Patching the trail is simple enough - we use a mattock to loosen the existing surface a bit and then dump a fair few wheelbarrow loads of surfacing material on top - courtesy of the nearby piles of surfacing material.

We then whack it down - first by hand, then with the whacker, and we're done. Repeat about 5 or so times, and three hours later we're finished. The material does look a bit orangey red at the moment but as usual, it'll blend in with the surrounding environment sooner or later.

More photos can be found over on Facebook.

Finally, a quick teaser - this section of Follow the Dog is named “Twist & Shout” - watch out for the new name signs going up - we've got plenty to go and we're getting there, slowly. :)


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  1. Rode it today, those repairs have made a big difference cheers guys.