Sunday, 17 March 2013

Slip / Slide - Midlands XC Race Report

This Sunday saw round 1 of the Midlands XC series race held at Tackeroo on Cannock Chase.

Dave, Petra, Martin, Andrew and myself (William) turned up around 10am at the campsite [Martin and I were there at 8:30am - Andrew] , and while waiting for the race to start, we put up a couple of Chase Trails flags, one of which was right behind the podium. We didn't take any photos, but TORQ Fitness has a shot of it on Twitter here.

As the race was about to start, we took up positions - Petra at the first crossing on the campsite, and myself and Dave at the second. Martin and Andrew headed down the Dog to take up position just before the Werewolf Drop. Bruce and Jez turned up shortly after the racing had started (Bruce had a valid reason for being late - more on that later), and joined Dave and myself - we had a great spot right next to a ditch and steep bank - this caught out a lot of riders and proved for entertaining viewing throughout the day!

Once the first race was over, Martin and Andrew joined us at the campsite for a spot of lunch, before heading back down to marshal point ‘E’ for the second race of the day - for a change of scenery, I decided to join them. We had a view of one of the descents on the race, and saw some interesting overtaking techniques employed, with quite a few near misses! Martin and Andrew were doing okay so I sneaked off to take a few photos and videos - which you can see on our new Facebook page or here for the videos …. be sure to give it a "Like"!

The racing finished up at around 4:30pm, so after a quick check on the radio to make sure we were okay to head back, we finished up for the day.

Thanks to all the riders who waited while the racers passed by, and of course, thanks to Midlands XC for holding a fun race! Also, apologies to the fellow who turned up from Nuneaton to help build - we did post the "no trail building" notice rather late, so it wasn't seen as much as we'd hoped.


PS: Bruce's reason for being late? He was sorting out the Chase Trails Membership Packs. Renewal notices should be going out shortly so keep an eye out, or if you're not a member you can join via our website here.

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