Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Last One? – Trail building

Today, using our tried and tested method, the last berm requiring a drainage pipe was targeted on ‘The Link’, the first section of ‘The Monkey’ trail. We travelled light having to hand carry all the equipment to site as vehicular access is impossible. A temporary diversion was cleared and sign before starting work.

A warm welcome and big thanks to new volunteer Christopher. Keen to get stuck in, he helped with digging the drainage trench before the damn was breached and the contents of the sump flooded out.

Once the pipe had been squeezed into the trench and back filled with material, William packed it down to leave a “speed bump”. Bruce’s idea being that as the material settles, the surface of the berm will end up flat - time will tell …

After a returning the tools and a quick visit to The Urn, we headed to the warmth of the FC office for a progress meeting with the Forestry guys.  Discussions included planning future work, Health & Safety matters as well as the FC thanking Chase Trails for all our hard work.


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