Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bertie’s Bridge – Trail building

The wet weather has limited what we can accomplish recently – a month or so back, we re-laid a section of trail on the soon to be signed “Aunt Flow” section (more on the section names in a future post). The new surfacing just ended up as sandy coloured porridge and the bypass around the section turned into axle deep slurry. The solution was soon formulated to solve this problem by taking the trail over the boggy ground – Bertie’s Bridge.
So armed with a trailer load of tools, the section of boardwalk we constructed at the Forestry Discovery day last year and even more timber just for good measure we headed into the forest.

Posts were sunk into the soft ground and the deck bolted in place. Another section was needed to complete the span so a small step down was introduced for added spice. A few suitably placed rocks provided a ramp onto the deck and armoured the landing area off the feature – job done and a productive morning’s work.


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