Sunday, 9 December 2012

Up on the Cliff - Trail building

We were back up on Upper Cliff this weekend to sort out a potential wheel trap of a hole that had developed not long after the start of the descent. Initially, the plan was just to fill the hole but after spoting a water gully in the bank at the side of the trail, the job grew into digging a sump and installing yet another pipe - if a job’s worth doing …..

Whilst one team were working on that, two more were working their way down the trail filling smaller holes, cleaning the woodwork and de-berming the edge of compacted pine needles to improve drainage.

To finish, there were a couple of information panels to plant above the black rock sections – you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for.



  1. “cleaning the woodwork” — are there any plans to make the boardwalks less slippy, especially in the winter conditions? Other trail centres use chicken wire to aid grip.

    I know a number of accidents that have happened on the boardwalks at Cannock Chase. I suffered a dislocated broken ankle last January on the boardwalk pictured. A friend shattered a wheel on the same set. I’ve also seen someone come off on the boardwalk on section three (over the marsh) and on Sunday there was a (being looked after) guy with a massive gash on his face just by the same boardwalk.

    I know there are accidents in all areas of mountain biking and you should ride within your limits, I just think it’s far too easily to have a small mistake with big consequences on these sections.

    1. The FC at Cannock have made a decision not to use “chicken wire” on woodwork as it is not a permanent solution requiring regular inspection and replacement. The wire breaks up and becomes a hazard - anyone falling on it will be ripped to shreds.

      We regularly ride the trails to assess their condition paying particular attention to the woodwork. When they get slippery, we do spread sharp sand on them to improve grip.

      Please report all accidents to the FC (see their website for contact details) or let the staff at Swinnertons Cycle Centre know so accidents can the recorded and appropriate action taken.


  2. I went in the snow and i thought they should have gritted or don something to the boardwalks as i came of on som ice on them and hit a tree so i think you need to do something about the boardwalks