Sunday, 11 November 2012

For one week only - Diversion on Tackeroo Berms

To get back on schedule of fixing two berms each Sunday, with a good turnout, we hit three of the Tackeroo Berms simultaneously. Ben, Martin and Steve worked on the last one before the fire road crossing while Dave and Matt fettled the next one leaving Peter, William and I on the first one. Bruce and Jez headed off with the trailer in tow for a load of the surfacing material dropped by the quarry a few weeks ago.  

Trenches were cut, pipes laid and berms reshaped in time honoured fashion. While we worked on the berms, Frank swung a pick into action and set about removing the worst section of braking bumps and shaping the berm into a sort of low wall ride – we’ll see how that one works in time.

As the material in the last berm was very soft and boggy, the decision was made to leave the section closed for the week as further work and material is needed. We’ll be back up there this coming Sunday to finish off and sort out the first corner, so in the mean time please follow the red diversion signs along the fire road.


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