Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Where in the world ....

.... are our readers based? Now, as I expected, the vast majority of our readers are in the UK but it's surprising just how far a field the Chase Trails net is cast …. this map shows where in the world our followers are – the darker the green, the more hits.

In tabular form the “scores on the door” are:

Country                                          Page views
United Kingdom                                  976
United States                                       93
Germany                                             32
Russia                                                19
France                                               10
Netherlands                                          8
Japan                                                  7
Canada                                                5
Norway                                                5
Australia                                              3

(these are just for the last 7 days)

A warm welcome to all our readers, no matter where they live.



  1. Long way to come from the US to ride the Monkey! ;)

    Andrew, can you provide me with an email address so that I can get in touch with you? Your contact form appears to be broken.


  2. My mobilephone operator (Three uk) actually routes internet via Germany, so this can probably be a factor with these stats.