Sunday, 3 June 2012

This is summer? - Trail building

It had been Noah's Flood all over again and the merry quartet of trail builders became progressively less merry and considerably moist > damp > wet > saturated as the day went on. In the absence of any possibility of constructive work it seemed a good idea to see how well the sumps and drains were working on Tackeroo Rollers as this was what they were supposed to deal with.

Armed with a minimum of tools we stalked the trail and found to our satisfaction that the drainage system was doing its job rather well. The terrible weather did highlight some spots for tweaking and mainly we tweaked away there and then.

Having swum upstream to Hugh's Bridge, and only reached 'damp' on the Tackeroo sogginess scale we carried on along the trail towards Werewolf Drop, fettling ponds as we went. Once again the Chase Trails Hi-Viz cloak of invisibility worked like a charm and riders went by without a word of acknowledgment.

After draining a succession of ponds, meres, lakes and our enthusiasm, we noted the location for future sumps, and hightailed it back to The Urn for something that was wet but not cold, and then home for a hot bath. Fun in Marquis de Sade sort of way.


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