Monday, 25 June 2012

"Mudhem" - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June

If you where there or have seen the photos from this year’s Mountain Mayhem, saying it was a little muddy is a massive understatement! The torrential rain on Thursday had saturated the clay so after the two practice sessions, it was obvious that slip sliding around in the mud was going to make the “riding” entertaining to say the least.

Camp Chase Trails was an impressive site consisting of 4 tents, our gazebo for sheltering from the rain and a caravan for refrigerating the beers and cooking the bacon butties (thanks Petra).

Muggins here was volunteered to do the first lap – don’t mention to your mates that you’ve run the odd 10k or half marathon unless you fancy taking the baton first for the “Le Mans” style start – a half mile cross country run before jumping on the bike.

Special mentions go to Abby and Lynsey for their dogged determination under extreme circumstances – on a particularly tricky section not even halfway around, Abby parted company with her bike landing on a root injuring her ribs. In considerable pain, she continued and clocked an impressive time considering she was riding one handed at times. Lynsey on the other hand was struggling in the foul conditions and the fading light. Starting around 6pm and expecting to be back before night fall, she didn’t have lights. Come 10pm and complete darkness, we were getting worried and checking with marshals, nobody knew where she was …. At just after 11pm, Lynsey rolled into the arena still in high sprits considering her ordeal. You can read her account here.

Looking forward to Sleepless in the Saddle, the conditions couldn’t be any worst ….. could they?


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