Sunday, 10 June 2012

"The End is Nigh" - Trail building

This Sunday was a completely different story to last week, all lovely sunshine, blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Once again the Rollers called as we plug away at all the final fiddly detail bits that absolutely have to be done but seem to go on for ages. At least that was the idea….

However, last time we worked on the rollers, one concern had been to give riders visual cues to stay on the riding line by planting saplings on the sides. It seems daft but works nicely, so we carried on transplanting and Dave added a decorative row to the top edge of a berm - 'The Pearson Plantation'.

We were quite taken by the idea of planting aromatic herbs in the cracks in the rockwork for a soothing aromatherapy session at the conclusion of the trail … as usual, Chase Trails are pushing forward the concepts of international trail design.

On a more ordinary note, Phil and Bruce took the wacker to the top of the trail and worked their way along the whole length, flattening and consolidating the soft spots. As they went they extensively brashed the trail to discourage riders who rip up the surface by riding before it’s weathered in and means it has to be redone and opening delayed.

This begs the question - when will it be reopen? With Mountain Mayhem coming up and other organised distractions on the Chase (see other posts), the aim is to open again on 14th July subject to us being able to organise a fly past by the Royal Guards motorcycle stunt team.


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