Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rock ramp rocks - Trail building

This Sunday saw us finish the rock ramp feature we started a couple of weeks ago. The two routes down the slope offer a drop-off to a rocky landing or an easier rock ramp - both look good. They also ride well - we do have to test ride our efforts just to make sure they work as expected.

Young Phil ("Crash Test") turned up just in time with a rather muddy Orange 5 .... obviously spends more time riding than cleaning his steed. After Dave brushed the rocks clear of loose stones, Phil sessioned the feature several times - typical, we go to all that trouble to pitch the rocks and he clears the lot!

The top launch pad gained a sump and drainage pipe to prevent the area flooding in poor weather – that’s five corners that we’ve improved drainage so no more swimming pools. We’ll be looking at applying this technique to other corners on our trails.

At the other end of the trail, the guys helped out by three new volunteers started resurfacing the trail after the Rollers. This section is very sandy and suffers during wet weather so a mixture of grit stone and quarry material was worked in and wackered flat. Further along, a “French drain” was dug along the inside edge of the second berm to drain water from the trail and into a sump hole. For the technically minded, a French drain is a shallow trench filled with fist sized stones to prevent the sides collapsing and snagging wayward wheels.

There’s not much more to do but the final touches always seem to take longer than expected .… Tackeroo may be open by the end of June – fingers crossed ….


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