Monday, 16 April 2012

Membership Update

Thanks to all the members who have renewed - I was amazed just how fast off the mark some people are, and our thanks for your generosity. You should now have had an emailed thank you from us.

Membership duties have been swapped around to give young Rob a rest. He's done a fine job of bringing many of you into our number, and has sizably increased the membership numbers (by about 4 times what they were!!!) in the last couple of years. During the genesis of the Monkey Trail, he did some fine work as the liaison between Chase Trails, the Forestry Commission, and the contractors Clixby's - in fact so much so that the nice people at the Forestry Commission recognised his talent, and offered him a job. This has left him with less time that he originally had, and therefore he now hands the baton to me to look after membership matters. I take my hat off to him (but not my riding helmet if I'm riding, in case I fall off - which I do regularly!).

Although I have no problems designing, building and maintaining trails, I'm not quite so hot on administrative matters. Sorting the goodies for the membership pack has taken a little longer than anticipated, and we are currently awaiting some items from the printers. This means that the membership packs are on hold at the moment. Please accept my apologies for the delays here. Hopefully we should be giving the postman an even larger load than normal in a couple of week’s time. we are of course still accepting applications

Apprentice Membership Secretary,

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