Thursday, 1 March 2012

We're in ....

Chase Trails are entering two teams of five and a soloist (i.e. nutter) in this year’s Mountain Mayhem so to ensure our place, Dave and myself headed for the Staffordshire Moors in the Shenani-van armed with enough IT equipment to give PC World a run for their money. We met up with Ian (our soloist), set up our mobile office and waited impatiently for midnight. At the stroke of 12, the entry forms were downloaded, printed and carefully filled in.

Now to find Pat Adams’s house … a reconnaissance mission the previous weekend plus a nose for sniffing out cake at 100 paces meant we found his cottage with ease, along with more eager entrants. The Aston Martin guys in their smart DJs and posh car were heading off as we arrived (probably for a G&T or two) but we also arrived in style …. on our trusty steeds – a Trance and P7. It turned out that we were the first to arrive by bike - we don't do things by halves!

Mrs Adams ushered us into the warmth whilst Pat plied us with tea and cake - what more could we want? Entry forms and a cheque were handed over – that’s blown it, we’re in …. now the serious training starts …..

Well, here's Abi's training plan - I think there's too much riding and not enough cake eating!


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