Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trail Building After All...

So, having said we were cancelling trail building, 4 of us decided we'd go and dig some holes anyway. The weather, despite the thick layer of snow, wasn't too bad. It was considerably warmer than on Saturday!

Due to the ridiculous frost recently any more work on the rollers was a no go. In the open, the ground would have been harder than concrete. So, we decided to continue work on the WWD bypass that was started a few weeks ago. With the reduced crew, the loading was easy - we threw some necessary wood in for good measure and headed to the work site.

Unusually for a Sunday, I think we saw 8 riders all day and there was only a queue for WWD once. Amazing the effect of a bit of snow. With only 4 of us, we concentrated on 1 corner in particular where we have to lose a lot of height in not a lot of space. The outside of the corner has been built up and supported and the entry has been excavated by about a foot, with all the material transferred to the exit to make it a flatter corner.

When you enter the corner you're looking back up towards WWD, so you can see what you're missing as you go round. Eventually, the cold damp air got to us and we decided that 3 odd hours of graft was enough. We still need to bring in a bit more material to finish the surfacing of the corner but it was a very satisfying day's work.

There's still a few more corners to manicure, none to the extent of this one though and there's still the need for plenty more surfacing to go in.

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