Wednesday, 31 August 2011

We're still here ....

Eager readers of this topical account of the ups and downs of trail crew life, carving out new frontiers in better biking, may have become worried that we have been abducted by aliens, since there has been no signs of life on the blog for several weeks. However out in the wild wild woods, the great work continues (along with other stuff).

A quick update…
Chase Trails have opened the new start to Section 2 in time for the Erasure and Simple Minds Concert so riders can keep on riding without interruption, and have the option of a new rock to practice falling off on. This is merely the precursor to other goodies to appear in the woods when we get round to it. (Hint: we’d get round to it sooner if there were more people helping – Yes this does mean you)


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Guess Where? (Trail building – Sunday 14th August)

This is getting like Groundhog Day. Once again the rolling miles of Section 11 beckoned and this time they beckoned a whole new set of trail builders. So a big hand please to new builders Oleg, Dennis, and Lucy; to Andy and Reece; and to Bruce who came and grafted like Trojans and really made a difference. Thanks too, to Alex who came back, and to Tom and Phil who rode in and gave it some wellie as they always do. The excellent numbers made a huge impression and we made loads of progress.

Only a day or two to go before we'll have finished and can leave it to weather for a few weeks into a solid running surface. In the meantime Dave and the rest of the “why don’t we put a technical feature there” gang were busily creating a log staircase to make the unwary very wary indeed.

If we had these sorts of numbers every week we could really get a move on. So much to do, so few to do it - if you see us then please jump off your bike and lend us a hand.


Monday, 8 August 2011

Rest Day: CT Rides Sleepless in the Saddle - 6th / 7th August

In a bizarre reinterpretation of the term "rest", the CT trail crew put 2 teams into the Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour race. The Trail Pixies in their eye-catching wings: the lovely Abbi, Linsey and Petra and the frankly not quite as lovely Liam and Jez (nobody calls him a big fairy and stays standing for long). In addition there were the Trail Trolls: Al, Andrew, Dave and Ian.

Having ridden Mountain Mayhem a few weeks back, everyone was much more geared up and psyched up for SitS and enjoyed themselves even more despite a tropical downpour at 6 pm that drenched everybody out in it. This year the organisers had thoughtfully provided a Lurking Tent with supplies of beer and cake where riders who might have crossed the finish line early could hang around until after the 24-hour deadline and not commit a team member to another lap. It is to the great credit of CT that the first person into the Lurking Tent was our own Jez, setting an example in sportsmanship, timing and initiative that I hope the British Olympic Team will wish to emulate.

Meanwhile in the spirit of lemming like dedication that is the hallmark of the true trail builder everyone not at SitS on the Sunday was hard at work on Section 11 once again surfacing like good ‘uns.