Sunday, 24 July 2011

Love Life Love Running (allegedly) - Sunday 24th July

One of the ways CT raises funds for materials and tools is to marshal events that other people organise on the Chase.In this case, it's the nice, enthusiastic, and worryingly dedicated athletes of Love Life Love Running.

It’s fair to say that from the marshal’s perspective it’s an easy gig. You roll up, grab a walkie talkie, revise the NATO phonetic alphabet (you don’t need it but it makes you look cool if anybody noticed or cared) then pedal off to an assigned position, open your folding chair if you’ve been astute enough to bring one, and spend the day watching people in lycra going past at steady intervals getting progressively sweatier. (That’s the runners, not the marshals. Although there was a lady in white lycra shorts…) It’s cheering and reassuring to know that bikers are not the only people who think going in circles on the Chase is a sane way to spend the day.

The runners do deserve a big hand for their guts and determination in what is clearly a challenging event, and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bridges and Barrows. (Trail building – Sunday 17th July)

The bridge over troubled water theme continues although with a marked absence of Paul Simon. Still the post driving and plank laying work presses ahead remorselessly with the inevitability of the Trans-Continental Railroad in 19th century America although with less whisky, dynamite and ladies of ill repute.

Still you can’t have everything, we do have a big wacker so more surface and surfacing work went on. Having spent much longer on this section than we originally expected or intended, it’s turned into a major rebuild of nearly the full length, hopefully delivering a more robust running surface as well as more interesting ride.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Medium Sized Bridge Day (Trail building – Sunday 10th July)

Section 11 had several parts that were prone to holding damp when it rained and although it’s been quite dry this summer, the rains will come again. So to avoid the endless maintenance associated with gloopy ground we have built a variety of north shore entertainments to make our lives easier and yours more fun. There’s even a speed bump, although it’s mainly there because someone found a suitable bit of wood and it seemed a shame to waste it.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Big Barrow Day (Big Build Day – Sunday 3rd July)

Then we moved onto the BBD, repairing and upgrading Section 11. A goodly number turned out to do their bit for British trail building and shifted amazing amounts of surface and surfacing in pursuit of what will be a significantly more interesting section when it’s finished. Our great thanks to everyone who came. Please come again and bring others, the more the merrier.