Sunday, 6 November 2011

"... So big and sort of round it was ..." (Trail building - Sunday 6th November)

Last night was a slight disappointment. We didn't win the National Lottery Award for Best Sports Project. The worthy winners were the Bluebird Care Hampshire Disability Cricket Programme. We consoled ourselves with the thought that simply to be at the Final meant we were on the virtual podium of the event which is a huge success in itself; and that Rob probably looked hilarious in a suit. [If you watch a replay carefully, you can just see Rob looking very dapper in his suit ... he does scrub up well after all - Andrew]

Today, we were back to normality and the increasing familiarity of Tackeroo Rollers and thereabouts. We were joined at the mystic urn by Ross a passing UoW outdoor pursuits undergraduate with a terrifying handshake and a strong work ethic. Good to have his help. Otherwise it was the usual suspects - down in the dark cold forest, Dave, Petra, Frank, Bruce and Jez rock-splitting in our quarry and shifting blocks to the Rollers. Then in a great leap forward they started armouring the first roller. Originally it was just going to be the dip at the bottom, but having evaluated the situation with the fact that we don't want to do this again anytime soon, it emerged that the whole of the back face and bottom of each roller is going to armoured. Oh, those rollers will be different next time you ride them. You can't say we don't give value when we fix a trail.

Meanwhile in the sunlit uplands of the section, the Two Phils (sounds like a bad music hall act), Andrew, Ian, Ross and Liam were barrowing tons of grit stone and gravel to fill, shaping and wackering two bermed bends, with deep, deep sumps.

So, we're making progress, with a lot of rock still to split and shift, prepare and place, and we are at least a couple of months away from getting this section open. If you want it faster than that, please join us on a Sunday at 10 am outside Swinnertons (remember, there's free car parking for the day and a hot drink) or if you're passing at the end of your ride stop and join in for a while – even 10 minutes helps. You'll feel better for the experience.


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