Sunday, 14 August 2011

Guess Where? (Trail building – Sunday 14th August)

This is getting like Groundhog Day. Once again the rolling miles of Section 11 beckoned and this time they beckoned a whole new set of trail builders. So a big hand please to new builders Oleg, Dennis, and Lucy; to Andy and Reece; and to Bruce who came and grafted like Trojans and really made a difference. Thanks too, to Alex who came back, and to Tom and Phil who rode in and gave it some wellie as they always do. The excellent numbers made a huge impression and we made loads of progress.

Only a day or two to go before we'll have finished and can leave it to weather for a few weeks into a solid running surface. In the meantime Dave and the rest of the “why don’t we put a technical feature there” gang were busily creating a log staircase to make the unwary very wary indeed.

If we had these sorts of numbers every week we could really get a move on. So much to do, so few to do it - if you see us then please jump off your bike and lend us a hand.


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