Sunday, 24 July 2011

Love Life Love Running (allegedly) - Sunday 24th July

One of the ways CT raises funds for materials and tools is to marshal events that other people organise on the Chase.In this case, it's the nice, enthusiastic, and worryingly dedicated athletes of Love Life Love Running.

It’s fair to say that from the marshal’s perspective it’s an easy gig. You roll up, grab a walkie talkie, revise the NATO phonetic alphabet (you don’t need it but it makes you look cool if anybody noticed or cared) then pedal off to an assigned position, open your folding chair if you’ve been astute enough to bring one, and spend the day watching people in lycra going past at steady intervals getting progressively sweatier. (That’s the runners, not the marshals. Although there was a lady in white lycra shorts…) It’s cheering and reassuring to know that bikers are not the only people who think going in circles on the Chase is a sane way to spend the day.

The runners do deserve a big hand for their guts and determination in what is clearly a challenging event, and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.


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