Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spot The Difference … (Trailbuilding – Sunday 15th May)

With Bruce overseas on business, the Forestry staff helped us get a load of timber up to the ‘Black Monkey’ – thanks guys. As previously publicised, our plan for the day was to thwart those that were riding around our rock features – after all it is a black grade option.

The first task of the day was to roll a sizeable rock down to the “Qualifier” to fill the gap beside the lip of the step. With the junior trail builders digging all the spoil off the landing slab, it certainly looks the business now.

Next three more rocks were rolled down to fill the gully along side the “Toboggan Run”. These along with replacing the fence that had been destroyed should keep riders on track. To finish Harvey and Martin cleared the marbles from the berm and dug out the drainage sump.

“Oblivion” was our next port of call to build a crib wall to support the top edge of the trail – we won’t want a land slide wiping out the ‘Red Monkey’ trail. Debbie and Petra gave the rocks a good rake and brush up to leave everything looking spick and span.

There are two more rock gardens that will need crib walling so we’ll be back but for now things look better.


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  1. It is a good idea to build a crib wall on the top edge of the trail to avoid land sliding on Red Monkey trial but during rainy season for sure the trail get worst if not planned properly.