Sunday, 30 January 2011

Déjà vu (Trail Building - Sunday 30th January)

This week seemed to be a re-run of last week – a bit like watching TV these days. Dave fancied doing some more routing, Ian and Jez rode off to do a spot of “trail inspecting” and the rest of us resumed digging on section ‘D’.

With eight volunteers eager to keep warm and easy digging, progress was swift this week - the dug trail grew by 60 “Martins”. For those that don’t know, we believe a “Martin” is around one yard - his stride length … being one of the older members of the group, he hasn’t been “metrified” yet.

By 2 pm, with weary limbs, we called it a day and returned back to base. Dave had stepped up his game and gone to town with a new design – in fact he was still creating saw dust when we arrived … can you work out what he used as a template this time?


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