Sunday, 16 January 2011

Building Cakes (Trail Building Sunday 16th January 2011)

Today we split into two groups Bruce, Martin, Ian and Steph went over to section 11 to check out reports of a fallen tree on the trail.

The rest of us, The Pearson Family, Phil, Pete and Blade, set out to Deercote valley to continue on the trail that was started on the Big Build Day. The weather was warm and dry and we soon got stuck in to clearing some more trail. Bruce and Steph joined a little while later. We stopped for cakes provided by Sally, thanks Sally and Happy Birthday. We carried on a little longer until it started to rain we cleared a good section of trail before heading back to Birches Valley for a cuppa.



  1. hi guys, love riding at cannock.
    anychance of posting a map of the new works, any idea when its all gonna be open for the public.
    1 other thing dont make it 2 smooth pleeeeeease some of us like rocks n roots. cheers frazedh.

  2. We won't be posting a map of any of the new trail as people will try and ride them before they are ready but if you want to know where they are come along to a build day and you'll find out.

    We're currently working on several sections of trail so it is hard to say when they will be open but nothing will be opened until after the weather significantly improves.