Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Warning : Trail Trolls at work (Trailbuilding – Sunday 5th December)

With rock hard frozen ground and a good layer of snow, digging this weekend was off. So to keep us amused, we decided that a little trail planning was in order. Our ultimate goal is to remove the fireroad from our trails, only using short portion to link the singletrack together where necessary. To achieve this on the Monkey, the long fire road climb in Deercote Valley will be replaced with singletrack in the trees. Early in the planning of the Monkey Trail (or Phase 2 as it was known then) we’d taped a corridor with the view of it being machine built but unfortunately funds didn’t allow for this happen. Now, our plan is to hand build this section over a number of Big Build Days with the first one early in the New Year …. watch this space for more information as we finalise things.

To get the ball rolling, the trail required taping in more detail and heavier brash shifting so it’s possible to get a feel for the trail. These things always take longer than expected so we only managed to get about two thirds the way along the trail. There are a number of tight twists and turns, up and downs to add to the appeal – certainly better than a long fireroad slog but only time will tell.

More of the same next week to finish the top section and check it flows as we want.


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