Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Appliance of Science (Trailbuilding – Sunday 19th December)

With the thousands of wheels that have rolled through the first section of The Dog, the trail bed has taken a good battering and a number of areas are showing the signs. The FC would also like to reroute the start of this section away from the busy concert site area so last Sunday with this in mind, we wondered through the trees and started to formulate a plan.

Being the first section of our red grade trails, we deliberated over the possibility of making the section into a sort of “skills area” with low level skinnies, rock steps and other features for riders to hone their skills on. Our plans will have to be approved by the FC but we’ve got a few interesting ideas in the pipeline.

The more observant may have noticed the new sign at the start of “The Stegosaurs”. Erecting this was one of those jobs that we’ve had on the cards for some time.

This Sunday we were back in section 2 to do some detailed planning so proper drawings can be produced for the FC. Armed with one of those digital laser distance measuring thingies, Ian practised his surveying skills whilst Jez held a big measuring stick and Bruce scribbled down the numbers. Martin acted as a banksman asking riders to take care as we were working on the trail. He didn’t have many to warn – something to do it the cold snowy conditions I reckon.

Not sure what happen next as I did a runner – a fellow mountain biker’s wedding was on the cards at a posh hotel down near Stratford.

Finally, Chase Trails wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


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