Thursday, 18 November 2010

Evil Slab Number 1 (Trailbuilding Sunday 14th November)

Sunday saw us stealing, sorry, relocating more rocks from the start of the Stegosaurs. If you’ve been out of the trails recently, you’ll have seen that the root step-up at the end of section 12 had been partly removed. With the number of tyres that have spun out on the root over that last 5 years, it had eventually worn through. Rather than lose the technical challenge, we’d hatched a plan to add something different – enter The Evil Slab!

The recent strong winds had left a fallen tree across the trail and a potentially dangerous “hung” tree in the vicinity, our first task was to set up a diversion and tape off the area for safety. A few tonnes of tree landing on your head is going to do some serious damage. If you out on the trails after high winds and find fallen or hung trees, let the Forestry guys know by emailing and they’ll get it sorted.

First task was to dig out the ground ready for the slab and tidy the remains of the root. Bruce, Dave and Jez manhandled the slab into position and tweaked it until it fitted like a glove. A few more rocks were placed around it and surfacing material packed in around them. The results look good and like a fine wine should improve with age.

We’ve also pegged larch logs along the edge of the trail to deter riders from taking short cuts – the slab looks worst than it is to ride.

Whilst we put the finishing touches to the Evil Slab, Martin and Steve headed off to add a rock slab to the top of the log roll at the very end of section 8. You’ll only get to see this if you just ride The Dog – riding the Monkey misses out the part of the trail.

Dave, Jez and myself did a social paced lap of The Dog in the afternoon to inspect and test our handiwork – The Evil Slab should raise a few eyebrows ….

Next weekend should see us doing the snagging work on LSN now the Forestry Commission Engineer has inspected the trail – please join us if you can.


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