Sunday, 3 October 2010

Whatever the Weather (Trailbuilding Sunday 3rd October)

Considering the atrocious weather, we had a good turnout today. Whilst Ian and Peter were dealing with one or two “minor” floods on Tackeroo, the rest of us armed ourselves with spanners to continue dismantling the APF display start ramp.

The local wildlife wasn’t so impressed with our demolition work – Sally disturbed a sleeping toad that looked a little grumpy. We did our bit and relocated him out of harm’s way under the bracken.

Just as we were ready to start loading the trailer, the heavens opened! Luckily smart forward planning meant we were able to shelter under a tarpaulin until the downpour subsided. Later we found out that Ian and Peter weren’t so fortunate – Ian looked like a drowned rat when we saw him back at base!


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