Sunday, 10 October 2010

Return to Le Singe Noir “The Monkey Black” (Trail building 10th October 2010)

Today we were working on the rocks for the Monkey black option. It was so much fun, first everyone watched Andrew ride the bit we were going to be working on (to see if it needed any rocks in at all .... or see if he crashed). He said it was fun but to make it a black option and to make the trail last we would have to armour the surface with some rocks and steps. The men cut back the corner to make it wider to make the approach easier.

Dave and me (Jessica, his daughter) walked the trail and cut back any branches that were in the way (save doing right before we open the trail).

We walked back along the trail and helped with the rock feature, Andrew rode the trail again "it was fun" he said but need some more work before it would be ready.

Please do not ride the closed sections

This is a long hard process and we worked until 14:00 hrs and then we packed up.
Thanks for the really great day TRAIL BUILDERS.

Jessica aged 10

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