Sunday, 22 August 2010

Red Monkey Rock Repairs (Trailbuilding Sunday 22nd August 2010)

After the tools were unloaded, Bruce and I headed over to do some essential work on one of the Monkey rock sections. During our group ride on Saturday, we found that one of the rock sections was getting excessively covered in loose black soil. The reason for this is because some riders are panicking and trying to ride around the rocks instead of riding over them.

First things first, we set out our trail warning signs. A big thank you to all the riders who did slow down but as usual, there are those who don’t think that the rules apply to them. Please slow when you approach trail warning signs.

The rocks are installed in these areas to give protection to the trail but they also give us an added bonus of a trail feature. Riding around is probably harder than riding the section but as an added incentive we decided to lay some larch logs along the edge so that riders stay on the trail to prevent any further damage. If you don’t feel confident to ride these features you should dismount and walk down the trail and not try to scoot over the rocks.

After clearing some to the debris from the rocks, it was time to rejoin the other builders and continue with the work that was being done for the APF.


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