Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Holidays Over (Trailbuilding Sunday 15th August 2010)

We arrived nice and early at the container; it was soon time to decide what the highest priority was and where we were going to work after our little outing to visit some of the 7 Stanes.

It was decided that Martin, Jez and Alex would go and cut down some trees to clear the area where we are setting up a Demo for the APF as this is quite a dangerous operation it was decided that we would take the younger trail builders to work elsewhere.

Bruce, Steve, Phil, Sally, Petra, Charlotte, Jessica and I went to do some work on section “H” we started building a log roll like the one on Section 8 of FTD. This is to allow the trail to drop to the fire road before crossing onto the skinny; we started putting in the posts while Sally and Petra started to re-shape the landing leading to the log roll. Phil was re-shaping from the fire road crossing to the Skinny to try and make sure you didn’t hit the skinny whilst being off camber. After a short while the structure was starting to take shape. Caution this structure is not complete do not ride it was quite interesting to see that for a closed trail how much it was being ridden and from the number of riders that came down the trail to where we were working.

This section is closed some of the features may not be complete and may be unsafe.

The people that are riding these closed sections are making it harder for us to complete as we have to keep going over the same work that we have already done, so if you want to moan about the trail not being open or the braking bumps why don’t you come and give us a helping hand.


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