Sunday, 22 August 2010

APF Starts Here (Trailbuilding Sunday 22nd August 2010)

We’re only a few weeks away from the APF exhibition so it was time to crack on with the woodwork for our free ride display. Now, the most sensible place to start would be with the start ramp that will shoot our intrepid riders into the wall ride. Whilst Alex and myself scratched our heads as we gazed at the plans, the rest of the team started digging around the stumps left from the trees that were felled last weekend and de-barking them ready for cutting.

With a stake in the ground, well, yellow flag, Alex and myself started marking out where the uprights for the structure were going. We even used a bit of trigonometry to get everything nice and square. As the posts we we’re using were 8 foot long (2.4 metres for the younger readers), we needed our taller members to drive the post knocker and even they had to dig a starter hole to plant the post in! It will be a few years before our junior trail builders will be tall enough …

After returning from their trip to the Red Monkey rocks (see later), Bruce and Dave assisted with the construction. It didn’t take too long before things started taking shape. In the meantime, Martin cut the tops of the stumps off below ground level so they can be covered with surfacing material.

All in all it had taken the whole day to get the start ramp frame work finished. We won’t be decking it until just before the event for safety reasons. As you can see from the warning sign, please keep clear and don’t climb on the structure. The APF display will be taken down after the event but it’s been built with the intention of erecting permanently elsewhere on the Chase – Stile Cop for the more extreme features and the Monkey for the tamer North Shore woodwork that we’ll be building in the coming weeks.

We’ll be out same place same time next weekend doing more woodwork – stop and have a chat or lend a hand if you want.


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