Monday, 14 June 2010

Welsh Trails – And Welsh Weather! - Saturday 29th May 2010 Group Ride

On Saturday we went to Cwm Carn in South Wales. There were nine of us altogether, Andrew, Ian, Jez, Julian (Jez' work friend), Sally, Petra, David, Jessica and myself (Charlotte).
We arrived at 9:45. The first half of the ride was uphill and Ian, Jez and Julian led the pack, at the back was Petra and Sally. The uphill bits were quite tiring and we had to stop at the top of almost every hill, but when it came to the downhill, it was superb! As well as the ups and downs there were rocks and about nine hundred odd EVIL ROOTS!
As it was, the uphill efforts were well rewarded with fast downs. The last downhill had an amazing drop but unfortunately David pre-jumped it without even realising it was there.
Of course, as it was Wales, it rained for the whole ride and we were glad when we reached the visitors centre – well all apart from Sally. She had thrown as she put it, a right tantrum on the uphills but was eager to go back up
and do the downhill again.
After that we went to the town to get some fish and chips, and sat inside munching away.
Then we departed and left ready for Trail Building the next day.
Don't forget that you can come and meet us at Swinno's at 10:00 am on Sunday's for Trail Building.
By Charlotte, Aged 11
Junior Trail Builder

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