Monday, 14 June 2010

Trail Build Sunday 13th June (Caution no line markings and the new "Thinny")

Work was split for the first part of the morning when Martin and Steve went to start work on the new as Bruce called it "the thinny" So called because it's too wide for a skinny and too narrow for a bridge.

The rest of us went to resurface a part of section 7 which was changed back in July 2009

It was decided to make this part of the trail a bit more sustainable, after putting a diversion in place and our warning signs we proceeded with breaking up the old surface and removing the excess spoil.

We started to surface the section and were joined by a few riders who were mid ride. What a grand job they did in barrowing all of the new material into place for while we levelled out the surface, this was promptly whacked to seal the surface this is nearly good enough to put a white line down? "Big Thanks Guys" If you see us working just stop say hello, 10 minutes of you time to give us a helping hand, even if it is just let a builder have a break from pushing the wheel barrow it all helps.

The section was cleared of tools and it was time to join Martin and Steve, when we arrived they had been very busy and were nearly finished. A few more hands make lighter work so we all chipped in to get the Thinny finished. In the normal tradition, if you have your bike we have a test rider well volunteered Ian [didn't have much choice!]. Ian tested the section and another fine job done.

Time to put the tools away and just in time to as it started to rain, see you next week? Outside Swinno's 10:00am


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