Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday Trail Building 06-06-2010 - Back to them Rocks

Today was going to be a hard day not only because on Saturday we played a game of rounders and had a BBQ with the Forestry Commission, but because we were returning to part of the original monkey to continue with one of the Black Rock Features.

After setting out our work signs and with the combined efforts of the trail builders (not mystical trail pixies) we started moving the rocks from a pile at the top of the fire road down the trail where they were needed, before too long we had laid quite a lot of rocks and the feature was really starting to take shape. Pete and Nigel were becoming experts in the trail building art of "Extreme Wheel Barrowing" and were delivering quite a lot of rocks, which allows a lot more choice when trying to put our picture-less jigsaw together.

Scruff came to join in all of the fun, riders are always welcome to stop and give a hand even for 10 minutes.

The time seemed to simply disappear but we decided as we were so close to finishing this feature we would carry on until we fitted the last rock.

Jessica swept off the rocks clearing all of the loose material that had been used to pack between the rocks.

After the rocks had been cleared it was time for a test ride, good job that Scruff was here with his bike! We asked if he would test the section. Scruff agreed and the feature appeared to work very well. I look forward to riders comments when it is open!

A good days work done by all and it was time to go home. Remember you can always help 10 minutes while on a ride every bit helps or meet us at 10:00am on Sundays outside Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre.


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