Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rock, Rock and more Rock (Trail Building Sunday 27th June 2010)

After meeting at the container and picking up a new willing volunteer, we decided we would work on some more of our rock features; we made our way over to Rainbow Valley and started to unload the tools. Our work continues with some of the original sections of the monkey where we are in the process of rock armouring certain sections to make it more sustainable because of the high volumes of traffic and to make it nice and technical.

We were joined by another wiling volunteer who was out for a ride “Thanks for the help” Pete was busy bringing down the rocks using his extreme wheel barrow approach whilst the sledge was being prepared to bring down the larger rocks.

Petra, Sally and the girls were clearing away some of the debris from the red rock sections and slowing down riders as the approached the area where we were working.

Ian was busy removing the old berm as the material was not up to the required standard, this will require posts driving in and some substantial timber to be installed before it can support the material required for the new berm.

We continued laying out the rock as they were delivered, some of the rocks made it quite interesting and we kept the width quite narrow, this gave the rocks more of a rock skinny feel to it.

Martin and Jez went to move some of the way marker posts as they needed a little tweak to make them more affective.

All done we headed back to unload and so those that wanted to could go and watch the match, Jez Andrew and myself decided to go for a ride around the FTD. We found Charlotte and Jessica paddling in the ford, as it was such a nice day it only seemed natural that we would ride through and drench the kids who actually enjoyed it.

See you next week.


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