Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Rain Starts Play

Over the last few weeks, we've had a good amount of rain ... just what the trails needed!

I had a leisurely trundle around Follow The Dog and The Monkey Trail today and it's looking and riding very good! The corners that were loose and crumbly have firmed up, the sections that had been suffering from the dry are now happy.

In fact, the trails have bedded in so well, it was hard not to ride flat out! Lots of grip, some serious G on the turns and even the ups roll nicely!

Over the last few weeks, the Clixby and Chase Trails Pixies have been busy 'upgrading' some sections and continued building others. There is now a mini Stegasaurus before the board walk on Follow The Dog (you wanted more rocks ... you got more rocks!), one section has had a surfacing upgrade and on The Monkey, Section H (known in some circles as The Lady of The Rake), is coming along nicely with surfacing and a new bridge!

It may only be a few weeks since the launch, but there is still work being done. Even today, the Clixby crew were upgrading the start of the Stegasaurus. There is plenty still to do and plenty of opportunity to lend a hand.

If you would like to help out, even for just one day, we would be happy to meet you. More information is to the right, or visit


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