Sunday, 20 June 2010

Must be summer we have roadworks on the trail (Trail Building Sunday 20th June 2010)

We met up at the container to decide what was on the agenda for the day; we decided that with the volume of traffic that the monkey has seen and our Saturday ride we would do some essential maintenance.

Martin, Pete & Blade went to move some logs from Rainbow valley to a feature that was going to be build on section H and then proceeded to Lower Cliff to repair a piece of fence that had been knocked over.

We made our way over to Rainbow valley where started by taking out some of the breaking bumps at the end of section B before the drop onto the fire road.

We then started working from Klondike Bridge checking the switch backs and working our way to a section part of the way up where the edge of the trail has collapsed. This was due to people riding to wide around an old tree stump, but then it is a mountain bike trail. We decided to reinforce the edge of the trail with some timber and resurface it, Thanks to all of the people taking notice of the signs and dismounting as requested. If you see Warning signs please obey them and slow down or dismount if requested, this is for your safety as well as ours.

We split into two further groups and one team carried on walking the section checking the trail while the others went to Deercote and worked their way back in the opposite direction. We met up at one of the log steps that needed some work on the outside edge again because riders are running wide on the trail, after building up the edge and surfacing the area we watched as some riders were locking up their brakes on the approach and were ripping up the trail. Remember “Skids is for Kids” and for all those that like to skid, they are very welcome to join us every Sunday to see what goes in to repairing the damage to the trails.

Job done, we all made our way back to the container and the cake that Petra had made for her birthday.


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm Cake. If you ever need an incentive to come trailbuilding, it has to be cake. I feel gulity for not building but still having cake! Anyway, thanks Petra and Happy Birthday.