Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ladies Ride (Saturday 19th June)

Charlotte, Jessica and I were joined by Sally, Lei, Amanda, Lyndsey and her friend Chrissie. We set off for a gentle warm up around the green route and then onto the causeway and up to the pools – stopping here for Charlotte and Jessica to take pictures of baby geese. We then followed the path to climb up towards Marquis Drive, at the start of section 12 we debated whether or not to do this section and evil route 2. It was decided that we would, we each attempted it and kept going back for another try until we had managed it. Chrissie managed it in her second ever attempt. We then headed for the road and over to Tackeroo campsite. We descend down through Tackeroo and crossed over to the cafĂ©, where, after saying goodbye to Amanda, we all sat and had lunch. It was only 5 miles but we had an enjoyable time. Watch out for news about the next Ladies Ride!


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