Monday, 14 June 2010

The Junior Trail Builders!! 06-06-2010

Today Charlotte, Abbie, Alexander, Josh and I were doing loads of things.
First Abbie and I were helping Petra to rake the black monkey whilst Alexander was helping his Dad and Phil dig a hole for a HUGE, MASSIVE rock to fit in. It took at least ten people to tug it in.
Charlotte and Josh took Blade for a walk and made him bark like mad. We helped Josh build a den for a minute then Charlotte said she has a half built den we could finish, so we went up to do that. It was really fun. Abbie decided to make some nests for the birds so they wouldn’t have to make their own. She made three and wanted me to help her make a den but she only had five minutes until she went home. Josh and Alexander made a den that wasn’t strong and kept falling down and just put some pine needles over the top of it to blend in.

I swept the steps that the trail builders did and had loads of fun that day; I think every junior trail builder did. Everyone deserves a treat for today.

Jessica, Aged 9
Junior Trail Builder

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