Sunday, 4 April 2010

Warning Steep Cliff (Trail Building Sunday 4th April)

With only two weeks to go to the grand opening, we tooled up and headed over to Lower Cliff - the last section of “The Monkey Trail” before you head back across the road and railway to rejoin “Follow the Dog”.

The section has received an inordinate amount of “testing” by local riders which had showed up a few areas that needed a little tlc. Starting at the bottom, we worked our way up the trail, tweaking and fettling as we went.

Jez and Martin went straight up to the rest area to plant a waymarker post and have a look at the climb up to the rest area. I later joined them to tidy the start of the descent and collect the blue fencing. It certainly takes a lot longer to walk down the trail than it does to ride it!


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