Saturday, 3 April 2010

Visiting Great Uncle Owen (CyB Grand Day Out Saturday 3rd April)

Every now and then, Chase Trails plan a group ride to somewhere. This time we decided to give Coed y Brenin a blast ... well, blast of sorts!

This also gave us an opportunity to show off our new riding gear! We are now the Blue People. Why blue? It Looks Nice? yes, but thats not the reason. It stands out from the Crowd? They do, but no... ... it's because our container at the Chase is blue ... ok! Still, they do look good!

Just after 10am, the full riding compliment had arrived. We all prepared ourselves to tackle the trails. And there was a lot of us! ;
Dave, Petra, Charlotte, Jess, Andrew, Jez, Rob, Alex, Simon, Bruce and myself.

The plan was for a non-trailblazing cruise around the forest, with The ladies turning off after Dreamtime to hack Poison Apple, while us little boys tried to tame the Dragons Back.

Most of us turned up on our usual Steeds ... except Alex, who wanted to tough it out on his Single Speed ... yes single Speed! He'd even grown the little beard that is obligatory to single speed riders! A brave decision considering the nature of the trail with lots of up (about 700m of climbing!)

Those of you who haven't been to Coedy may not be familiar with the 'rugged nature' of the trail, particulary the first and last sections. Rocks is the theme here - even the normal trail surface is rocks. Rocks can be intimidating, but the sheer abundance of Rocks here is enough to cure maost irrational fears. For example, a few weeks ago, our Jez had a slight spill while testing the Red Monkey on the Chase ... after today he certainly 'manned up' and hopes he is now cured!

Most of us had a few sketchy moments - i nearly punted Andrews face with my rear tyre when i nearly went over the bars legs flailing all over the place as i unclipped, Andrew himself had a particularly worrying dismount when Dave stalled on a short rocky rise, leaving Andrew on his back in a little stream (the camera was ok!)

But, huge praise and applause need to go to Charlotte and Jess - The fist section of the trail is pretty rough for more experienced grown men, let alone delicate young ladies! Both Jess and Charlotte did exceedingly well tackling the someties ferocious technical rocks! Well done Girls!

The boys stopped off at the cafe before the monster fire road climb. A few cakes later we headed off up the hill. By now my knees were hurting and i was contemplating a short cut to 'Gomez' but by the time we found out if anyone had a map, i was half way up, so i decided it was better to carry on! (Note to all: Take a map even if you are on a way marked trail!).

After a few hours, trail tamed with a few aches and pains, some great memories and awesome views ... it was off to Barmouth for Fish and Chips... The sun was out, and the food was great! The perfect way to end a group ride!

Being on the beach and with a few children in our midst (Rob included!), a Sand Castle competition ensued. Rob utilised some of his trail building techniques to win, but the official sand castle judge (Andrew) declared a draw!

Such a great day!


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