Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spot the Difference (Trail Building Thursday 1st April)


  1. the bottom one isn't covered in icing sugar?

  2. What was the point doing that? if you cant do it dont do it but dont take things like that out for riders who can do it, the trail is getting very boring add more skinney wood sections. HEALTH AND SAFETY SUCKS

  3. It isn't always about Health and Safety ... But seen as you asked...

    The location of that Skinny has been subject to a lot of dicsussion over the last few months. The discussions revolved around whether it was suitable for the location; i.e. the proximity to houses, does it fit into the grade of the trail there, does it entice the very inexperienced riders to attempt something that requires an advanced skill set they may not yet posess, what other trails features exist elsewhere. It was also a spot for a number of incidents, which had to be considered as well.

    Ultimately, we opted to lose it as there are bigger and better things that riders of greater experience will enjoy on Follow The Dog (the far more challenging fallen tree after the stegasurus rocks for example) and The Monkey (opens Saturday by the way) and locations that is far more suitable.

    The trails will always be developed to cater for many different rider skills, so don't think this is the end of challenging TTF's (Technical Trail Features). If you have any ideas or suggestions we would be very willing to hear from you.

  4. I won't miss it particularly - was always a conscious desicion to do it (based on whether there was anyone watching or not) but it was never part of the 'flow' of the trail.

    Based on its position and proximity to the start of the trail (and having killed a set of forks by coming off the skinny into the far bank) i'd tend to agree it was the right choice to lose it :)