Thursday, 17 December 2009

I Don't Have A Map (Trail Building Thursday 17th December)

Today Martin, Bruce and myself made a start on installing waymarkers for 'Phase 2'. Digging in waymarkers can be very therapeutic, very little to think about just digging holes and filling them back in again. Between digging we chatted about everything and nothing. We enjoyed lunch at Five Way sheltering from the icy wind as it started to snow. (Well actually Martin and Bruce enjoyed their lunch while I picked mould off my sandwiches!)

After lunch Alex joined us and we went to do some maintenance work around the causeway. The bridge looked very picturesque covered with a dusting of snow. We cleared some mud and moved some rocks so hopefully you'll notice the improvements the next time you ride it.


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  1. Not been on FTD for a while now (always over at Stile Cop these days) BUT you guys have seriously been working hard over there on Phase 2 and the results look amazing! Keep up the good work, I'm sure many a rider will appreciate it and enjoy your trail building skills! Props+1