Sunday, 13 December 2009

Double Skinny? (Trail Building Sunday 13th December)

We set ourselves a challenge – finish the framework for the ‘Gold Mine’ bridge today which was a tall challenge considering it’s getting dark by 4 these days. Loaded up with lengths of timber and fixings, Dave and I headed for Rainbow Valley. When we arrived, a large group of riders were eyeing up our handy work and one asked if there was going to be an easier route across … “no mate, the plan is to flood the area so you’ll need your SPD wellies!”

Later someone else asked if we were going to deck it.... “No, it’s a double skinny”. “I can’t ride that!” was their reply – sorry, but we were in a mischievous mood.

Working like Trojans, progress was swift but light was fading fast as we finished the last span. There is a little tidying required here and there before the decking goes down but first the Forestry guys need to give it their seal of approval.

It might look like a film set for the next ‘Indiana Jones’ film but it’s securely screwed together …. that said it’s best not to walk on it as the wet wood is rather slimy.


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