Thursday, 8 October 2009

Send in the Clowns (Big Build Day, Sunday 4th October)

Plans of making it early to help load up tools didn't quite go to plan and I arrived with Junior trailbuider Abi after 9 to find most of the tools loaded with just a bit of faffing left until we were ready. Being ready early doesn't always mean an early start to work and faffing continued until we swept up the volunteers at 10. Off up to the trail site in convoy and we were just about ready to make a start.

We only started running big build days this year and they've turned out to be a massive success for us with a load of new faces most of them becoming regulars. What's been great to see is the number of children coming along and having fun helping with the building or just messing around in the forest. Along with the older kids who can cut trail on their own (as long as they get a chance to go climb trees too) we're getting the younger ones interested too, this time our youngest were Immy (3) and Abi (4). Both of them had a blast digging in the dirt, playing with the dogs who came along with Grimey Lymies and generally getting into a real mess.

It means that those of us who have to balance family time with bikes get to mix the two together and spark a bit of enthusiasm from the younger ones. It's got to be better than staying a home in front of the TV.

Other highlights of the day included decent weather (the last session on this trail couldn't have been any wetter), too much food (we needed Scruff and Snakebite to help finish it off) and giving away the last of some of our limited run kit (meaning we'll be able to roll out the new prizes next month).

We ended up digging around 250 metres of new trail and surfaced some pre dug trail too. There's still over 500 metres left to dig on this section so we need your help, next BBD is Sunday 15th November and we're out every Sunday too.


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