Monday, 12 October 2009

I Promise That This Won't Hurt (FtD Trail Inspection Monday 12th October)

If you ever ride 'Follow the Dog' on a weekday you may have come across some strange looking people wearing hi viz jackets walking along the trail. We're actually not just out for a walk but carrying out one of our regular safety and maintenance inspections.

We carry out inspections in partnership with the Forestry Commission. Ian, Martin and myself do the majority of inspections (we have even been on a training course). It normally takes most of the day so we always take a picnic lunch, usually eaten at the start or end of section 8 (maybe we need to build another bench!)

We also take the opportunity to collect litter (3 bags this month). It is amazing the number of water bottles and broken bikes parts that we find. Ian has an unhealthy obsession with collecting reflectors.

The weather was beautiful today and the trail really quiet. We saw a few rider in the morning but hardly any after lunch. Thanks to the guy from Kent who stopped for a chat at the top of the fireroad climb and took our 'picnic' photo. The highlight of my day was seeing a group of fallow deer enjoying the late afternoon sun.

If you ever see us out on the trail we'll make sure we move out of the way but please slow down as you pass, shout hello or even pull over and stop for a chat.


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