Sunday, 13 September 2009

Rocking & Rolling (Trail Building Sunday 13th September)

Another great turnout for some rocking & rolling on the Monkey with the regular crew being supplemented by Phil (obviously not put off by last week) and new volunteers Nick, Tom & Andy. Despite the large number of people it was surprisingly quiet for some unknown reason? Ah, we were missing Charlotte and Jess!

The plan for today was building the second rock feature on the Black Monkey. The aim was create armouring on the approach to a moderately steep section leading into a berm. The trail already featured a nice little rooty step so this was left in place and supplemented by a bigger rock drop. In a similar vein to the root the rocks were positioned to give a bigger drop on the fast line into the berm and a smaller drop on the slower line. Once the suitable rocks were selected they were lowered down the hillside and then expertly positioned on the trail. Bob couldn't make it this week but Dale, Dave, Alex, Frank and Steve did a fine job with 'the jigsaw'

While the majority were working on the black feature new volunteers Nick, Tom & Andy were given the task of digging out the ground for a step on the red line. The plan for this started out as a simple one rock step but evolved into a really nice multi rock mini-feature. Good work guys, hope to see you again soon.

The day finished with Andrew and myself 'testing' the newly constructed features (this is an essential part of the trail building process!). Both features rode really well although Andrew was definitely thankful for his bash ring whilst riding the bigger side of the black drop.

We're planning on continuing rock shifting for the next couple of weeks so if you want to come along and help make sure you bring your steelies.


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