Sunday, 6 September 2009

Rock Around the Clock (Trail Building 6th September)

A full day had been planned for making a start moving the rocks on the ‘Monkey’. Even with an earlier than usual start, we had an excellent turnout …Alex, Bob, Bruce, Dale and Josh, Dave and family, Frank, Jay, Jez and Lei, Martin, Peter and Ben, Phil and myself making 18 in total. Nearly a Big Build Day but without the BBQ. Rob was off enjoying jelly and ice cream at his nephew’s birthday party – I don’t remember him getting the time off authorised in triplicate though! A warm welcome to new man Phil, I hope all of the hard graft hasn’t put you off coming back.

The plan was to move rocks from a pile on the fire break down the hill and into place on the “toboggan run”. Due to the potential dangers of moving large rocks, Bruce gave everyone a safety briefing then Lei and Petra rounded up the children and took out of harm’s way, entertaining themselves improving their own double black diamond toboggan run.

Thanks to Bob for coming over from the 'Dark Side' to lead the design work – both Alex and Bob have plenty of experience building the rock features on the downhill courses at Stile Cop. Knowing where to place the rocks is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box – crazy paving goes large!

While Alex, Bob, Dale, Frank and Jez were prising rocks into their final resting place, the rest of the team were man handling them from the pile and onto the sledge ready for sliding down the hill. Careful use of ropes and pulleys allowed us to control the descent under Bruce’s watchful eyes. If the ancient Brits could build Stonehenge, I’m sure we can shift far smaller rocks using similar techniques.

By 4 pm we were all starting to flag so the tools were loaded into the trailer and we returned back to base. It had been a long but very productive day. If you fancy coming and lending a hand next time, please bring a pair of safety boots if you have them.


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